video, b/w, sound, 03’02’’

The starting point for work was increasing rebellion in Poland in the beginning of 2015, caused by government trying to limit the reproduction rights for women. It all started by very few women who were angry and ready to fight for the equality. The calumniation was so-called Black Monday which was inspired by women’s strike in Iceland in 1975. They were wearing black, organising demonstrations in many cities in Poland (as well as in few European capitals), refusing going to work or school. It has not been solved until now, but the act about total ban of abortion didn’t pass.
Video containing scenes from popular Polish movies from sixties (like Do widzenia, do jutra...; Innocent Sorcerers; Lekarstwo na miłość), combined with the powerful speech of Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk during the Black Protest. It creates its own narration which symbolically connect different threads. Based in the neutral time context, became the timeless manifesto about duality of expectations. While in Poland the feeling of anxiety about feminist movement increases, at the same time women are starting to understand that there has to be the choice. The choice of not wearing make up when you do not feel like it, not shaving your body when it is way more comfortable for you, and, the most important, not agreeing on things you don’t want to do. At the same time, women are judging each other and trying to establish particular rules and decide what is feministic and what is not.