and then she said: WOUND!

one channel video installation, led light, silk, acrylic paint

The installation depicts the inner voice of the trauma that one is going through. In this case, based on artist’s own experience. The work explorers a spectrum of emotions that such experience cause: fear, shame, disregard.

The installation contains of two videos, voice over and banners with rules for women, introduced by on of the Polish police stations in 2016.

An atmosphere of intimacy is created through the story of two bodies together, unconsciously fighting. Jarosz’ video portraits the movement connected to protectiveness as well as possession against each other. The violence is silent, similarly to the suffering of the victims of the sexual abuse.

The latent pain comes to the viewer from the monologue, the voice over created on the basis of a stream of thoughts that comes after an abusive experience. All content of work is shaped by the lighting and the limited space.
The texts on the banners is based on the Polish police’s decalogue for women that has been published in 2016. The purpose of the publication was to save the female citizens from the sexual abuse and rape. 

White scarves are installed in the air like ghostless bodies. A video is runningin front of me. The woman's figure sitting from her back and some stranger is stroking her hair. It is not clear if it's a man or a woman. It’s not clear what exactly is happening. If it is an act of affection, a gesture of consolation, or a manifestation of superiority. Voice over tells me something, I just do not know what, I only perceive it subliminaly. I'm watching the video on TV, repeatedly. I can see abandoned bird nest in the telephone booth. I'm going back to hanging silkscarves. I carefully examine them. When I point them against the light, handwritten passwordsemerges. The more I examine them, I find that there are whole sentences – written remorse.Theremorse, which shows the head of innocent objects, who have been subjected to any form ofaggression.

Jakub Jansa, Prague, 2018