all our memories have disappeared
video, sound, colour, loop, 1’39’’
video, sound, b/w, loop, 1’30’’

The body of work is about trauma and the way it starts. It shows how sometimes seemingly meaningless situations become a life changing experience.

I was interested in trying to understand what it is that causes strong, traumatic memories and what it is that affects the individual, for example constant fear or painful flashbacks. Using my own experiences as a context to analyze the concept of psychological trauma, I tried to create the universal narration about the inner oppression of panic.
The work shows the fragility of the human body and mind and how it is constantly exposed. It also portrays suffering, aggression and explores the relationship between the external world and psychological trauma.
The work contains two videos that are corresponding to each other. I’ve chosen the medium of video, because I found it relevant as it let me focus on the movement of the repetition and use the voice over for the narration that could complement the whole.

all our memories have disappeared is a first part, or an introduction, to the final bachelor piece I am currently working on, focusing on both - individual and collective trauma. I wanted to create a very direct image that affects a viewer immediately, that expresses the consciousness against memory theory and makes the watcher ask themselves what kind of situations they are locked in; as the voice over in the second video keeps repeating “i am not scared” over and over again to the point when you realize that she actually is scared.

The other important aspect of work is the idea of flashback. Videos might be seen as a variation of memories, but at the same time it is a narration itself, describing the emotional feebleness of a victim of trauma. The most important is how the personal experience becomes a collective memory, a common story that almost everyone could feel relative to. The human natural reaction is to try to forget and avoid the horrible experience, but as the work shows, it is impossible. The circle of memories that come back constantly is unavoidable and is not possible to escape, that is the idea that a viewer can see in the videos. It opens up the very important question of impossibility of escaping the trauma.