You will never drown (if you are born to hang)

site specific installation
video, sound, polyurethane foam, plaster, acrylic, PVC, wood

with a sound composition by Agatha Lewandowski

The piece explores a story about three generations of women who all went through the experience of miscarriage. It underlines an ongoing taboo in a family structure.

The work explores the notions of rituals which are passed throughout generations to deal with fears and trauma. Anna Jarosz draws inspiration from her own family history and pose questions on how to communicate with each other between the worlds through occultism and rituals.

The embodied practice of the ceremonies connects bodies throughout generations. It activates the bodily memory that carries on its physical and metaphorical existence beyond time.

In the oculocentric world, Jarosz invite the viewers to join in her sensory creation. By magnifying elements of the space with a multidisciplinary three-dimensional approach, the installation alters the perception into the world of slavic mythologies and rituals.