Rotten Sounds

site specific installation

with a sound composition by Alina Koivula
performed by Sanna Josefiina Hirvonen
Rotten Sounds is a sketchbook for a continuous research around intergenerational trauma, a result of a month-long residency at Nordisk Ljus in Sweden.

It is part of an ongoing project Tender Forms (2020-ongoing).
The work takes the symbols of the unconscious, sometimes violent rituals and habits that structure everyday life and places them in a timeless land. Imagining the lives, the politics, the relationships that carried out inside of those semi-fictional places between generations.

The anthropomorphic silhouette performed by Sanna Josefiina Hirvonen captures the stigma of a body wounded by external forces. The body becomes an entity trapped in unconscious act of social landscape and chaotic absence of tenderness.

The installation is a circular storyline that represents the journey of trauma throughout generations. The passage through sexuality, feminisms, transposing strength and vulnerability, but also a spiritual connection of divine feminine.