Procession of Ghosts

site specific installation
video, sound, latex, fungi, polyurethane foam, steel, plaster, acrylic

with a sound composition by Antonio Granieri

The installation seduces the viewer with the distinctive light, smells and sound that is all noticed even before approaching the piece. It seems to be a portal between the cracks between the Earth and the crypt of the church in the central part of Copenhagen, where the piece has been installed. Jarosz allows the ghosts from her video to be heard, to be seen, to be touched. Simply – to be acknowledged.

The video displays a moment of an equinox: the seconds of balance between the light and the darkness, almost unnoticeable. This one moment in which the whole pattern of the universe emerges. The promise of the great order is being fulfilled. In this bit of time everything is back to perfection. It becomes an extreme close-up to this moment, frozen in time, frozen in space, available just for a brief encounter of the viewers with the piece. It ends as soon as the work is left alone.

The body represented in Jarosz’ work is the breathing body in the material world, in the ruins of the paradise. Is a non-human presence that, at times, resemblance of our own bodies.  

In this project Death holds everything together. The space becomes a portal. In the audio-visual installation, the viewers are invited to linger into the unknown space between life and death, where kinship, intimacy, love and the wholeness of being can be contemplated without disruption.

Photo & video documentation by Niklas Ottander and Anna Jarosz