Nieme szepty Waszych światów

site specific installation
video, cotton, raw wool, embroidery, wood, digital print, resin, metal, acrylic, plaster, hair

curated by Agnieszka Łukasiewicz
The main protagonist of the exhibition is a journey through time, space, and between worlds. Anna tells us about her land with great tenderness, inhabited by the spirits of her ancestors, whom she can understand thanks to her own intuition. Her art becomes a medium, guiding us through the disjointed elements of her family's and region's history passed down to her by her Grandmothers.

Anna tells the stories of women who could not tell them themselves. Each of these stories harbored wounds that were silenced by the women before them. The artist intertwines these stories with sensitivity into a metaphysical ballad, paying tribute to the strength and courage of her ancestors.

This exhibition is not just an artistic journey but also an invitation to immerse oneself in heritage, the past, and intuition, which shape our identity.

fragment of the curatorial text by Agnieszka Łukasiewicz

Photo documentation by Krzysiek Puda