My Poor Heart Aches

hair, glass, agar-agar, steel, inkjet print
three channel video installation

with sound composition in collaboation with Rob Thomas
Allow us to look at collecting objects as a metaphor of objectification of feminine bodies. What would be the connection between the violence beside the act of gathering and collecting and the abstract term of grasping femininity.

The aggression lays behind the control of the body versus the hostility of a collector. Allow things to be killed in order to be conserved and collected.

Things need to be under constant control. Without putting the metaphor between those two ideas one starts thinking about the collection of objects taken directly from human body.

What would the collection look like? What are the body parts going to become while put away from the context of the physical existance of a human body? Are they going to be disgusting?
Scary? Awkward? Repulsive? ABJECT? 

By looking into such deep problems of trauma Jarosz started to underline the symbol of invisible power over the bodies and connect it to her own experience of surviving an abusive relationship.