Boszki: On passages, feasts and ancestral connections

site specific installation
video, cotton, embroidery, hay, wood

Sound composition Agatha Lewandowski
Performance Kata Kwiatkowska

curated by Zeren Oruc
Boszki: On passages, feasts, and ancestral connections is a project inspired by the edges of material and spiritual worlds in Slavic mythology. Boszki (read: boshky) is an interdisciplinary art exhibition & performance and experience that will be an honoring the tradition of Dziady, a celebration that according to ancient Slavic cultures allowed living beings to reconnect with the wandering souls and spirits.
We are looking into the Dziady, an important cultural celebration in Eastern European folk traditions, as a way to understand today’s communities. The idea for the exhibition and performance comes from the need for the exploration of the ritual and its role in the forming of tradition. The concept is based on the togetherness that is often used in folk tradition as a medium for communicating with spirits. 

Below you can see a compliation of our notes from meetings.

                   The memory of our ancestors roots us
             Root – Us
                                          To light up fire for the souls who wander in the search of hug

    To remember every stone, every raindrop, every ray of sun that lit up our faces

                  To nourish what has been unspoken, forgotten, painful, joyful, not–remembered

   To ask questions we never asked
   To honour those who no longer are

fragment of the text by Zeren Oruc

Photo documentation by Zeren Oruc and Anna Jarosz

Stills from the video Wyj / Howl (2023)