Another profound lapse

video installation on public screens
Helsinki, Finland
Another profound lapse is a series of short animations created from physical sculptures and text written by the artist.
This work is a continuation of a long term project exploring how abuse and trauma affect the physical body and human’s ability to function. The sculptures, within their anthropomorphic shapes, resemble body-like objects, tangible and soft yet ungraspable and repelling.

By animating still images of the objects, Jarosz attempts to enliven them and sketch a line of understanding between the self and the other. The fusion of the artwork and the public space brings together interdisciplinary art-making and activism. The animations of sculptures and text in common spaces on the map of Helsinki offer not only a new visual impression of its cityscape but also a sensation that allows its visitors to be part of the work. In Another profound lapse bodily experience holds everything together.

People who are looking at enlarged, animated objects and text, become breathing bodies gazing and experiencing, through their own physical body. The installation forces those that encounter the screens to abolish the distance between themselves and the artwork and to capitulate their gaze.